Awaken the Transformational Leader, Influence, and Team Builder you were born to BE!
Join our team of coaches, healers, and leaders to facilitate our transformational men and women groups, events, and get paid to lead our specialized training intensives, The Core Encounter.
Develop powerful and effective skills to free others from self-limitation, past pain, and trauma unleashing their full potential and life purpose.
Experience the life changing power of training, growing, & working with a transformational mastermind team.
Break through your own self-limitation, fear, and past hurts to claim your most remarkable future.
How It works
Our training is uniquely designed to equip you multi-dimensionally for effective transformational leadership.

Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and effective transformation worldwide.

We do this first by providing our free men's and women's groups to give people access to SACRED, SAFE, and SURRENDERED spaces where they can relax into their innate power and potential. This then allows them to share authentically, experience deeper connection with self and others, and receive group support which then overflows into every area of their lives.

We are also offering a multi-day transformational event called Humanity RISING, for both men and women, designed to prepare and train members for The Core Encounter, our 6 Week Transformation Intensive, led by you, should you become one of our trained and paid coaches A.K.A. "WARRIOR".

You can become one of our Certified Purpose & Power Coaches to deliver The Core Encounter and get paid up to $133/hr. Each group is 3hrs/week with 6 people for 6 weeks.

Our team's driven by a passion to serve people from the heart for the greater good of our entire planet.
Men Of Honor Rising
Train to lead one of our men's groups happening multiple times a week online to experience powerful  masterminding & support to live your best life now.

Women Of Courage Rising
Train to lead one of our women's groups happening multiple times a week online to experience deep connection and support for living your best life now.

Humanity Rising
Train to become one of our paid coaches in delivering this highly transformative and life enhancing EVENT that will get attendees prepped for deeper inner work with you during one of our Core Encounter groups.
The Core Encounter
Train to become one of our paid coaches delivering this accelerated transformation SMALL GROUP experience. The intimate setting/ design helps participants go deep and engage their innermost potential.
Colette Gallagher
Relationship Coach
The LITT program has given me so many tools and processes that I have used for myself and to assist others with processing past experiences and traumas. I have learned how to give and receive feedback so much easier, with no judgment. I love that we are able to practice what we learn with each other and are fully supported in our learning without the need to be perfect. I highly suggest this program to anyone who wants to have better communication, less conflicts, and a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Stephen Mallamaci
Coach & Facilitator Trainee
LITT is about Purpose. There is a mission here to serve humanity, and it's so much greater than all of us. We are training, learning, and working together, to get ourselves ready to be that transformational space, where another soul's highest evolution can occur. Now THAT'S purpose.

Mike Carlson
Father & Coach/Facilitator Trainee
Since joining LITT, I've uncovered more self confidence and self esteem. I realized that I am much greater than I has been giving myself credit for. I was thinking and dreaming too small. LITT exposed me to facing my self confidence and fears and I'm well on the way to growing through them.
I've realized that I can't do it all alone, that a team is crucial to going to that next level for myself and serving others more powerfully. I'm grateful for the team for providing that space of growth and unfoldment.
Thank you LITT!

There are 3 tracks or development levels inside of LITT. Each one has a certain level of commitment and training potential. See which one seems right for you. Each track is based on the 4 Archetypes, The Sovereign (King or Queen), The Warrior, The Magician, and The Lover
LOVER - 4 mo
Access to our weekly 2 hour group training and mastermind

Have a Power Partner: Weekly Lifework Assignment (Co-Coach each other through a guided process for personal transformation and training to coach others)

Weekly Accountability Conversation Checkin (10min total/5 min each)

Get trained in teamwork by joining 1 of our Teams

 Get trained to create Connection & Possibility conversations  with people in your life (learn how to "Be The Invitation for Transformation and also "sell" by serving rather than coercion)

∞ Access to our Precision In Performance (PIP) Accountability Form (This helps you stay on track and review your progress each week & allow you to share your feedback about the LITT program)

 Same as the Lover track PLUS...

Be trained to lead one of our men’s or women’s groups. (Note: You may lead before the completion of the program if you prove readiness before hand.)

Access to  2 Core Encounter Training  Sessions/month (2 hours/session). These sessions lead you into your own mind, emotions and body to restore your access to POWER.

During  Sessions you get trained in & practice:
• Mindfulness
• Shadow Integration
• Trauma Integration
• Core Communication
• Group Coaching & Facilitation Skills
• Interpersonal Skills
• Human Needs Psychology
• NLP Reframing Techniques
• Empathy for Self & Others
• Non-Violent Communication
• Ontological Coaching
• Somatic Coaching Practices
• Attachment Styles
• Sensitivity Training
• The 4 Archetypes and Personality Integration and MORE!
WARRIOR - 1 yr
 Same as the Magician track PLUS...

Get trained in leadership skills as you lead at least one of our internal teams (5 to choose from) for an entire quarter.

Be trained to facilitate The Core Encounter and get paid back your entire yearly investment ($3600) leading only 1 of our 6 Week Groups. Success groups will pay you up to $133/hr for a
3 hour group each week ($400/wk/group led).

Receive additional coaching and mentoring to accelerate your personal and interpersonal growth and capacity to facilitate our transformational training experiences.
The Leadership, Influence, and Team Training program could be the catalyst for your next level of growth and contribution to the world. Apply now.
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